degree abbreviations

Here are the degrees awarded at this campus and how to abbreviate them, some with spaces, all without periods.

  • bachelor of arts, BA
    (not AB, as previously written)
  • bachelor of educational studies, BES
  • bachelor of fine arts, BFA
  • bachelor of general studies, BGS
  • bachelor of health science, BHS
  • bachelor of journalism, BJ
  • bachelor of music, BM
  • bachelor of science, BS (Most recent graduates of the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources receive this degree, including agricultural economics, hotel and restaurant management, and agricultural journalism majors.)
  • bachelor of science in accountancy, BS Acc
  • bachelor of science in agriculture, BS
    (The BS Ag was discontinued in 1998, and only students then enrolled in the degree could complete it after that date. However, use BS Ag for previous students who earned that degree.)
  • bachelor of science in biological engineering, BS BE
    (Degrees awarded before July 1996 are bachelor of science in agricultural engineering, BS AgE.)
  • bachelor of science in business administration, BS BA
  • bachelor of science in chemical engineering, BS ChE
  • bachelor of science in civil engineering, BS CiE
  • bachelor of science in computer engineering, BS CoE
  • bachelor of arts in computer science, BA CS (granted by A&S)
  • bachelor of science in computer science, BS CS (granted by Engr)
  • bachelor of science in education, BS Ed
  • bachelor of science in electrical engineering, BS EE
  • bachelor of science in fisheries and wildlife, BS FW
  • bachelor of science in forestry, BSF
  • bachelor of science in human environmental sciences, BS HES
    (When referring to a bachelor’s in home economics, write BS HE.)
  • bachelor of science in industrial engineering, BS IE
  • bachelor of science in information technology, BS IT (granted by Engr)
  • bachelor of science in mechanical engineering, BS ME
    (Do not use BS MAE. This major was once called mechanical and aerospace engineering, but the degree awarded was in mechanical engineering.)
  • bachelor of science in medicine, BS Med (offered before 1957)
  • bachelor of science in nursing, BSN
  • bachelor of science in occupational therapy, BS OT
  • bachelor of science in public administration, BS PA
    (This degree has been discontinued.)
  • bachelor of social work, BSW
    (The diploma in community development has been discontinued. When writing about alumni who have received the degree, write Dip CD.)
  • doctor of veterinary medicine, DVM
  • doctor of education, EdD
  • doctor of medicine, MD
  • doctor of nursing, ND
  • doctor of philosophy, PhD
  • doctor of physical therapy, DPT
  • education specialist, EdSp
  • general nursing degree, GN (discontinued in late 1930s, early 1940s)
  • juris doctor, JD
  • master of accountancy, M Acc
  • master of arts, MA
    (The master of arts in physical education changed to the master of arts in exercise sciences, MA ES. The program is now inactive.)
  • master of business administration, MBA
  • master of education, M Ed
  • master of engineering, ME
  • master of fine arts, MFA
  • master of health administration, MHA
  • master of health science, MHS
  • master of laws, LLM
  • master of music, MM
  • master of occupational therapy, MOT
  • master of physical therapy, MPT (The MPT was replaced by the DPT in 2007, and only students enrolled in the MPT program could complete it after that date.)
  • master of public administration, MPA
  • master of science, MS
  • master of science for teachers, MST
  • master of social work, MSW