University of Missouri Extension

Use University of Missouri Extension on first reference. MU Extension is acceptable on second reference.

University of Missouri Extension is the formal name for the systemwide function that represents the extension mission of the University of Missouri.

Example: A University of Missouri Extension seminar will explain the latest state tax laws.

Capitalize the word “extension” when it is used as part of a formal name, such as “University of Missouri Extension Association.” Lowercase in all other instances, such as “the extension program.” See the following paragraph for correct usage.

Jane Doe, extension associate and entomologist, offers answers about plant pests for homeowners, farmers, gardeners and businesses across Missouri. MU Extension specialists in county offices frequently send her samples from residents in their region. Doe and other entomologists from extension programs across the nation share sample data at the Insects of Northern States Extension Collaboration Team (INSECT) meetings.

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